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Retrospect 2017

The patrons of the course in 2017.

The patrons of the course in 2017. Their relation to the program will be unveiled during the course.

The Munich Brain Course in 2017 took place from March 31st to April 1st and was held with a revised programme. It was considered important to provide content in a more concentrated form and therefore on only 2 days with no loss of content. The German part (Intensivkurs Neuroanatomie) and the English part (Munich Brain Course) ran in parallel. As in the past, not all neuroanatomical topics can be displayed in one course, so each year has its own focus.

Detailed program (PDF)

Friday, March 31, 2017

  • Dr. Tobias Högen, Munich: Introduction
  • Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe, Munich: Brain structure - a journey
  • Dr. Katarina Groth, Munich: Introduction to hands-on session I
  • Hands-on session I
  • Dr. Christian Vollmar, Munich: An assembly of staining techniques: neuroimaging
  • Dr. Virginia L. Flanagin, PhD, Munich: The neuroanatomy of the hippocampus: how structure implies function
  • Hands-on session II
  • PD Dr. Andreas Zwergal, Munich: Cerebral Control of 3-D Spatial Memory and Navigation in Health and Disease
  • Keynote lecture: Prof. Peter Redgrave MSc, PhD, Sheffield, GB: Selection and reinforcement learning in the basal ganglia

Saturday, April 1, 2017

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Büttner, Rostock and Prof. Dr. Matthias Graw, Munich: Demonstration und Obduktion makropathologischer Fälle
  • PD Dr. Marco Düring, Munich: Dissecting the white matter
  • Dr. Dr. Mario Dorostkar, Munich: Introduction to hands-on session III
  • Hands-on session III
  • PD Dr. Nils Peters, Basel, CH: Vascular anatomy and related pathology
  • PD Dr. Johannes Levin, Munich: Frontotemporal lobar degeneration syndromes
  • Dr. Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, Paris, F: Fiber connections of the parietal lobe
  • PD Dr. Marco Düring and PD Dr. Johannes Levin: Closing remarks
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